How to get there - From Oslo / Trondheim

E6 to Dombås, and then Rv9 towards Åndalsnes and Ålesund.

Follow Rv9 to you get to the Brattvåg and Vatne crossroad.

Where you follow this -> Rv661 to you get to another crossroad where one is going to Vatne and the other is going to Brattvåg.

Make a left turn towards Brattvåg, Rv659 og follow this threw 2 tunnels.

Just when you get threw the second tunnel, there is a sign towards Hellandshamn.

Take this way and go on it for about 10 Km, and the take the road to Skaar and Andersgarden.

The first house you get to at Skaar, witch is a red house by the ocean, is Andersgarden.